Case Study

Plougrescant, Brittany

This private house, located in Plougrescant, Brittany, France was completed more than 12 years ago and is yet another example of the reputation of Riverstone in the area as an unfading and top quality phyllite. The owners, wanting a natural material that would be in harmony with the scenery, stopped their attention on Riverstone Phyllite grey due to its proven performance, weather resistance and longevity.

The hook fixed 32x22 slates, an ideal method for the roof complexity, are covering a rough area of 350 m2.

With a no-expense spared approach to getting the best in materials and craftsmanship, the result is an outstanding example of what an experienced roofing team can achieve given a great design and good quality roofing slates.

The external appearance of the roof is an unwavering proof of durability of the phyllite and undoubtedly eye-catching more than 12 years after completion!

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